Sequinpolarbears' founder Anna is from Rotorua, New Zealand, and until the age of seven wanted to be Steve Irwin. She realised this career goal would not pan out when she found out there were no crocodiles in New Zealand. Instead she became inspired by first-generation Barbie movies and decided she wanted to design pretty things from then on.

Majoring in Fashion Design at Massey University, Anna brings that Crocodile Hunter / Barbie-fairy-princess hybrid to her work; risky, enthusiastic, and beautiful. Specialising in high-stretch pattern making, Anna loves the mathematical challenge of figuring out how to make a flat piece of fabric fit and flatter these weird 3D human bodies - geometry for hotties.

Anna has spent much of her life in theatres over the years on and off stage. She comes from a dance background and has performed in live shows as well as being involved in costume construction and wardrobe crews in NZ and USA.

Combining her passion for stage costumes and the USA rave scene, she decided to bite the bullet and dedicate all her time to making show-stopping outfits for festival goers and performers alike. And just like that, Sequinpolarbears was born. A vibrant, exciting aesthetic is hard to ignore and brings enjoyment with wearing and viewing. 

Moving to Melbourne in June 2022, she has been serving local and NZ performers alike, and gets a thrill every time she sees a creation take the stage!

She hopes to give confidence and persona to the global community of zesty badasses. Dressing some of the worlds best performers, she hopes to one day drown in rhinestones.


✨ Sequinpolarbears makes vibrant clothing that supplies confidence and persona to a global community of zesty badasses. With performance in mind, garments are made to be moved in; spin, flip and twirl knowing everything is staying in its assigned seats. Designed for pole dancers, contortionists, drag performers and every other glamazon in between. Here you'll find leotards, catsuits and other cute pieces in velvet, sparkly spandex, mesh, sequins and more!